The horses

In the memory of horses,
happiness is at the top of a hill...
While I sleep I dream a passed time,
the time of horses.
In these dreams my herd lives in freedom.
And the symbol of freedom is that hill
open to all breezes, above all the dangers.

Gonzalo Moure. “I'm a horse”

The horses of Miranda Foundation are a magnificent team of health professionals and they help people.  Resilient horses that have overcome or are overcoming emotional and physical difficulties and traumas. Healing comes with the return to the origins, the nature where they come from, to remember who they are, to return being free horses and to connect with their essence. The group of horses and the open space are the positive resources that lead them to live in fullness and become a great mirror, a positive resource, and a great inspiration for people.

If you want to make their rescue and recovery process possible, sponsor a horse and make possible the freedom of the horses, our social work, our purpose of taking care of the natural spaces, of the threatened species of wildlife, and the territory.

You can establish a strong bond of friendship with one of our horses and with its herd.

You can come and visit them, you will receive photographs and information of their evolution and you can come to the partners’ and sponsors’ meetings.

You will also enjoy discounts if you want to do any of our activities or any activity of our associated projects.

If you want to sponsor a horse, click on its photo and know its history. You will find a link to sponsor them.

Thank you very much.


Busquen padrí

They already have a sponsor


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