Work camps for young people

(12-17 years old)

A friendship experience to have fun and personal growing

A group experience in nature to grow every way, sharing your presence and energy. You will practice natural communication with horses and dogs, you will participate in a variety of tasks such as socializing foals, cleaning of forests and fields, taking care of animals and contributing to the maintenance of the farm and the improvement of infrastructures. Walks, baths in the pool, music and after dinner talks..  


A shared time of quality with a daily practice of connection with one's own essence,  games of conscience and theatricalisation and recognition conversations. We will also enjoy the precious free time and a quality, ecological and healthy food. The reference adults will accompany the group with an emphasis on individual responsibility and towards the group.


Pla de l'Orri, Alt Berguedà, in the Serra del Catllaràs, Protected Area of Natural Interest, an exceptional setting with horses, deer, sand dunes ... and a splendid mountain landscape. 


Encamped in tipis, near the house where there are facilities with bathrooms and showers. The activities are carried out in the open air and in the multi-purpose room of the rural classroom.

Homemade food. Bio, artisans and proximity products.

Responsible team

Teresa Garcia Valenzuela
My professional and personal path is orientated to displaying the listening and the potentials of communication and relationship between the body and the space that we are. I practice a glance of respect and curiosity towards myself and the people who accompany me. I have a degree in dance and choreography by the Institute of Theatre and Social Education from the University of Barcelona. I tuned into the range of practices that facilitate the processes of connection and enjoy their own essence and that provide tools and resources for a quality life. I also venture into the performing arts as a choreographer, dancer and actress. I have a training course and experience in accompanying children, young people and adults of living education. Currently, I work with adults and young people in the Eolia and Arsènico theatre schools, with children and young people in free life school campgrounds at the Miranda Foundation of free life horses and also at movement extra-school activities and laboratories at the Encants school.

Noemí Delgado Noé

My body has always been the mean of communication with people and the environment. Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and with experience and training in accompaniment of living education. I am interested in discovering, beyond physical conditions, the tools that the body provides me. This leads me to investigate through yoga, martial arts, circus, the theatre of dramatic-body expression ... approaching a new perception of the body and the environment.

Rosa Galindo Solé

President of Miranda Foundation and cofounder of Eòlia School of Dramatic Arts of Barcelona. Actress and singer in active-duty (she has worked with directors such as Josep Maria Flotats, Mario Gas, Calixte Bieito, Sergi Belbel and Joan Lluís Bozzo, and has starred in several musicals by Dagoll Dagom). She currently plays Elna Maternity (based on the book by Assumpta Montellà with Pablo Ley's dramaturgy and directed by Josep Galindo). Formed as professor of Fitzmaurice Voicework © and as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga (also practicing Hatha Yoga), she is currently taking classes with Sergi Aynó about the consciousness and responsibility of the own energy. She has also approached various therapeutic techniques of singing and breathing, using the Alexander Technique, family constellations and bioenergetics. Head of Teatre sense Límits®, project that applies the theatre as a therapeutic tool to improve personal development and social skills. The connection with the land comes from her grandmother Nati and her ancestors who were "farmers" in a village in the Pyrenees of Huesca. From the other grandmother, Pepita, she has regained the love for cooking. She has been trained in nutrition and bioenergetics cuisine with Montse Bradford and she has been a student of the chef Bernard Benbassat, who refines her learning and connects cooking and nutrition with sensitivity and creativity.

More information and prices

Reduced groups

  • Maximum 17 participants.

  • 4 adults responsible.



  • € 500 / week.

  • You can reserve a place for one or two weeks.

  • 110% discount for siblings.

  • We have kept the same price for 5 years.


Food 100% ecological 

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