Making network

We want to make sustainable the work of recovery and maintenance of horses and the social and environmental aspects of the Foundation:  we make discounts for groups and people at risk of social exclusion, custody agreements and fire prevention.

Every month, we organize meetings of partners and sponsors: enjoy the nature and energy of free horses. Friends and partners are linked to the Foundation and to the animals that are part of it, constituting a support network for the project.

Do you want to experience a great experience? The horses that live in fullness have much to give.

How you can become part of the support network?


Join us

Become a member and you can enjoy the vital energy of the horses of the Foundation, the natural paradise where our horses graze in winter and summer and the meetings of members and sponsors that we regularly organize. You will also enjoy special discounts if you want to do any of our activities.

The partners contribute 10€ per month, collaborating to recover and take care of the horses, carry out our social work and keep the natural spaces.

Sponsor a horse

You can get a strong bond of friendship and love with one of our recovered horses. You will receive pictures and information on the evolution of the horse and you will be able to come and visit it during the meetings of partners and sponsors. You will also enjoy special discounts if you want to do any of our activities.

The sponsors contribute  60€ a month, collaborating to recover and take care of the horses, carry out our social work and keep the natural spaces

Join the team of volunteers

You can participate in the tasks in the natural spaces where the horses graze, collaborating with us in this privileged environment of nature and among the animals recovered by the Foundation.


For us, every contribution is very important. Do not forget to tell us your name and your email. We will contact you to send you the donation receipt and to thank you. Remember that your donation can have a tax deduction. From  January 1, 2016, natural persons who donate to entities that are eligible under Law 49/2002 may deduct them from their income tax return, for the first 150 Euros donated, by 75%, and if the donation exceeds 150 Euros, it can be deducted from this amount by 30%.


With 1€ you can also help us

You can support us with a contribution of 1€ per month through Teaming.

Teaming is a solidarity initiative of microdonations that has been operating since 1998, driven by Jil Van Eyle after the birth of his first daughter, Mònica, with a serious illness called hydrocephaly. Since then, many people collaborate with different social causes. For us, every contribution is very important.



How do we invest money?


The different contributions are destined entirely to the following expenses/tasks:

Animal care

  • Collaboration in horse rescues, facilitating and managing shelters. Transportation of seized horses.

  • Adoption of horsepower horses.

  • Chips for horses.

  • Purchase of hay, salt and rental of farms for horses.

  • Veterinary expenses and treatments.

  • Expenses of transhumance.

  • Feed for dogs.

Infrastructures and similars

  • Horses’ and other animals’ Fences, drinking troughs

  • 4 × 4 Repairs, cars used to transport visitors of the solidarity meetings.

  • GPS for the location of the herds.

Social and environmental work

  • Free meetings and discounts for groups at risk of social exclusion.

  • Actions to preserve biodiversity and custody of the Pla de l'Orri. Introduction and maintenance of honeycombs, nest boxes for the great tit, bird feeders, recovery of fountains and drinking points, etc.

  • Protection and preservation of the forest (we are part of the Sèlvans Project of the mature woods.)


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