Summer camps and work camp

Creative coexistence and lifestyle camps

In the natural space of the high mountain is where horses are free. A world where horses and humans can communicate and establish trusted bonds for a lifetime. An opportunity to connect with our essence and remember that we are also nature.

The camps (in collaboration with Eòlia Escola Superior d'Art Dramàtic)

Coexistence is oriented towards unfolding consciousness and enjoying and sharing this personal and group process. We give space to self-perception, favouring responsibility, respect for the different sensibilities within the group and the collaboration. Daily tasks and rituals, the relationships between humans and animals, the natural environment, listening training and the creative process make multiple situations arise where we realize how we are, what we do and what intention we have, to recognize limits and open ourselves to new possibilities.


Those responsible, Teresa and Noemí, have a professional and pedagogical artistic career in the line of living education with experience in the Foundation's Camps. And, three days a week, we have Anna Àlvarez, who accompanies us from the systemic look at the relationship with horses.


Multiple opportunities for listening and listening to people and animals in nature:

  • Listening training.

  • Coaching with horses and dogs.

  • Creative process

  • Ethology of free horses and signs of calmness

  • Land and custody activities of the territory.

  • Daily rows where we share our process within the group.

  • Picnic trips.

  • Ritual trips.

  • Walk of silence at the meeting of signs of the western capercaillie and native fauna.

  • Histories of lives of horses and dogs.

  • Tell Stories every night

  • Nights full of stars.

  • Free time with the option to get involved into individual or group projects.

  • Plastic expression material.

  • Ingenuity Puzzle, cards, board games and selected books.

  • Monographic workshops: ecological horticulture, permaculture, bioconstruction, interpretation of the environment (flora and fauna), hip hop, performing arts

What do we offer

The framework of the Foundation is very broad and we are a team that share values and purposes and that, from various areas, we offer our presence and experience to the children and youth of the camps. This wealth allows us to awaken and accept life, artistic, communication and animal-related concerns, environmental, nutritional, etc.


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